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Ceres Trace

CERES TRACE Smart Applicator

CERES TRACE Smart Applicator

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The Smart Applicator is the only applicator that can apply and activate CERES TRACE tags. It has been ergonomically designed to suit both large and small hands with an adjustable hand grip and spring-loaded trigger. The Smart applicator comes with a test primary component tag and spare secondary component to help you perfect your application of tags. This test tag has been conveniently designed with a secondary purpose, acting as an activation fob.

In utilising the Smart applicator, you will gain access to

  • Unlocking the capability of data
  • Ergonomic design
  • Unique Tag Activation technology

Each Applicator:

  • 600g
  • 20cm x 22cm x 8cm
  • Adjustable rubber hand grip
  • Silicon Rubber Grips
  • Spring Loaded trigger
  • Activation technology

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