Theft & Stock Loss Prevention

CERES TAG offers a solution to one of the most pressing issues facing livestock management today: stock theft and displacement.

With globally-available, direct to satellite tags, CERES TAG provides GPS location tracking of individual animals. With no need for infrastructure, farmers and ranchers are finding it significantly easier for to monitor their herds and quickly identify any wandering livestock, broken enclosures and stock theft with CERES TAG.

  • Track Movements Anywhere, Globally

    With infrastructure-free, global deployment capabililty, scale from tracking a single animal to a network of locations and herds with ease.

  • Enhanced Monitoring

    Continuous tracking ensures that any unusual activity or movement of the livestock can be immediately detected, allowing for swift action to recover animals and prevent future losses.

  • Geofencing Capabilities

    CERES TAG's advanced geofencing feature alerts owners when an animal moves outside of a predefined area, enhancing security and safety measures.

  • Boundary Integrity

    Spot early signs of possible fencing and enclosure weakness and fragility.

  • Deterrent to Thieves

    The presence of CERES TAG makes livestock less attractive targets for thieves, as the increased risk of detection and recovery makes theft less viable.

  • Peace of Mind

    For livestock owners, the assurance that their animals are constantly monitored and protected against theft is invaluable. CERES TAG offers peace of mind, knowing that their valuable assets are secured.