Animal Breakout Alerts

Animal Breakout Alerts

Receive alerts via your software partner if an animal crosses the predetermined geofence. Animal breakout alerts assist in a number of use cases, including receiving prompt notifications to find and recover livestock theft, and identifying fences and barriers that require mending. 

Can I see if an animal leaves the property?

As Ceres Tag does not need any infrastructure – the tag will continue to transmit as long as it has enough battery and can find a satellite. This means that you can continue to track your animal even if it leaves your property.

Can I set up a geofence with Ceres Tag?

Ceres Tag has ensured that Geofencing is a core feature – this means every software integrated with us will provide with the capability to create a geofence. You will need to set up the specifics of the geofence within your chosen software. Once set up you can opt to receive an alert if your animal leaves the boundary within your software.


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