Data-Driven Insights for Regenerative Farming

CERES TAG is an innovation within the regenerative farming movement, where the focus shifts towards revitalising the land, enhancing biodiversity, and reducing the carbon footprint.

CERES TAG’s direct to satellite sensors are designed to align with the principles of regenerative agriculture, offering automated, data-driven insights to foster healthier ecosystems and more resilient farm operations — all without the need for expensive infrastructure.

  • Enhanced Soil Health Monitoring

    CERES TAG aids in the management of livestock to prevent overgrazing, ensuring soil health is maintained and improved. By optimising grazing patterns, it contributes to soil carbon sequestration efforts, a cornerstone of regenerative farming.

  • Biodiversity Protection

    Through detailed animal tracking, CERES TAG provides valuable data on how livestock interact with their environment, enabling farmers to make informed decisions that protect natural habitats and promote biodiversity.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Access to real-time, actionable data allows for continuous improvement of farming practices, ensuring they not only restore but also enhance the land and its ecosystems.

  • Water Resource Management

    By monitoring livestock movements and interactions with riparian zones, the impacts of erosion can be reduced, while water sources can be safeguarded from contamination and overuse.

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

    By improving feed efficiency and pasture management, CERES TAG helps lower methane emissions from livestock alongside greater carbon sequestration, directly contributing to a reduction in the farm's overall carbon footprint.

  • Increased Productivity and Sustainability

    CERES TAG empowers farmers with the information needed to enhance livestock health and productivity, while also ensuring practices are sustainable and aligned with regenerative agriculture goals.