Satellite Connectivity


Ceres Tag is a direct to satellite GPS Smart Ear Tag. This means there is no need for additional infrastructure or network for the tags to work. The tag is activated by the Smart Applicator and the connection to the satellite is created when activated. Once activated the tag has 3 years of satellite connectivity. Ceres Tag uses the GlobalStar network and is available for use in the regions listed on our delivery page.


How do I view the data?

Ceres Tag does not provide end user software but rather integrates with other software tools. You can view software options on our software partner page here. After purchase of the tags you are required to link your chosen software to our system. Once linked the data automatically flows through to the software partner. 


How many times does Ceres Trace transmit data per day?

Ceres Trace & Ceres Ranch transmits up to four times per day. If you are looking for more data transmits, please see Ceres Wild, which transmits up to 24 times per day.


What happens after three years?

Ceres Tag comes with 3 years satellite connectivity based on the average lifespan of cattle. If at the 2.5 year mark you have Ceres Tag on an animal you may be able purchase a satellite extension package. Please contact us for details at