Direct to Satellite Animal Monitoring

CERES TAG's direct to satellite functionality marks a significant leap in animal monitoring technology, offering unrestricted connectivity and data access from even the most remote locations and without the need for infrastructure or network access.

Satellite Enabled Capabilities

  • Global Coverage

    Ensures monitoring capabilities without geographical limitations, providing real-time data from animals anywhere in the world.

  • Immediate Data Transmission

    Allows for the instant transfer of data directly to satellites, ensuring timely insights into animal health, movement, and behaviour.

  • Reduced Infrastructure Need

    Eliminates the requirement for ground-based infrastructure, significantly reducing setup costs, maintenance and complexity.

  • Enhanced Reliability

    Offers consistent and reliable data collection, crucial for critical conservation efforts and sophisticated farm management practices.

Direct to Satellite Benefits

  • No Infrastructure Required

    CERES TAG requires zero infrastructure or network access, allowing a truly plug-and-play experience.

  • Improved Animal Management

    Facilitates proactive health and behaviour management, enhancing welfare and productivity.

  • Advanced Conservation Efforts

    Supports the protection of endangered species and biodiversity by providing detailed tracking information.

  • Optimised Operational Efficiency

    Reduces the need for physical checks and manual data collection, saving time and resources.

Global, Unrestricted.

CERES TAG's direct to satellite functionality is transforming the landscape of animal monitoring, providing a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution for consistent, automated data access globally. This technology is setting new standards in animal management and conservation efforts, paving the way for a future where informed decisions lead to better outcomes for animals and ecosystems alike.