Understanding Animal Behaviour with CERES TAG

CERES TAG introduces a proprietary behaviour classification system, as a part of the advanced Pasture Feed Intake technology. This cutting-edge solution provides insights into animal behaviour, with a particular focus on grazing patterns, to optimise herd health and pasture management.

What is Behaviour Classification?

At the heart of CERES TAG's innovation is the ability to accurately classify and monitor various animal behaviours, including:

  • Grazing
  • Resting & Ruminating
  • Walking
  • Drinking & Unclassified Behaviour
  • Dry Matter (Pasture) Intake
  • Methane Production estimation
  • Data Collection

    CERES TAG devices, applied to each animal, collect a vast array of data points, including movement, location, and specific behaviours indicative of grazing.

  • Advanced Algorithms

    Utilizing sophisticated algorithms developed over 15 years, the system analyses the collected data to distinguish between different activities, identifying behaviours such as grazing, resting, ruminating and walking.

  • Pasture Feed Intake Monitoring

    Among these behaviours, Pasture Feed Intake technology specifically identifies and monitors grazing patterns, providing insights into how much and how often animals are feeding.

  • Optimised Feed Efficiency

    By monitoring pasture feed intake, farmers can assess the quality of their pasture and adjust grazing strategies accordingly.

  • Health and Welfare Monitoring

    Changes in feeding behaviour can indicate health issues, allowing for early intervention and treatment.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Insights into grazing behaviour help in managing pasture sustainability, ensuring animals have access to the best possible nutrition.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

    Comprehensive behaviour data supports informed decision-making, from nutrition to health interventions and pasture management.

Implementing CERES TAG's Technology

Incorporating CERES TAG's behaviour classification into your livestock management practices is seamless:

  1. Integration:
    CERES TAG devices are easily applied to livestock, requiring no extensive setup or maintenance.
  2. Enhanced Insights:
    Access CERES TAG’s data and analytics through integrated software solutions.
  3. Continuous Improvement:
    Leverage ongoing data collection and analysis to continually refine and improve livestock management strategies.

Get Detailed Insights.

CERES TAG's behaviour classification, powered by the innovative Pasture Feed Intake technology, drives long-lasting optimisation in livestock management. By providing detailed insights into animal feeding patterns, it empowers farmers and ranchers to optimise health, productivity, and profitability in their operations.