Enhancing Livestock Productivity Through Phenotype Genetics

CERES TAG sensors provide data that enhances productivity through advanced phenotype genetics. Monitoring individual animals, CERES TAG aids in identifying superior genetic traits, facilitating more informed selection and breeding.

Breeding the Future

  • Improved Genetic Selection

    CERES TAG's technology allows for the accurate monitoring of numerous characteristics in livestock, making it easier to identify and select animals with desirable genetic traits for breeding purposes. Use of this data in selection accelerates genetic improvement, leading to healthier, more productive herds.

  • Enhanced Breeding Programs

    With comprehensive data on animal health, behaviour, and productivity, CERES TAG supports the development of optimised breeding programs. By understanding the genetic foundations of desirable traits, breeders can more effectively match sires and dams to produce offspring that exhibit these traits, driving forward productivity and efficiency.

  • Data-Driven Management

    CERES TAG equips producers with actionable insights into their livestock’s genetic performance, enabling more targeted management strategies. This data-centric approach ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, maximising the herd's genetic potential.

  • Sustainable Productivity Gains

    By focusing on genetic improvements, CERES TAG contributes to the sustainability of livestock production. Healthier animals with enhanced genetic traits require fewer resources and are more resistant to disease, reducing the environmental impact of farming operations.