Enhancing Feed Efficiency with Pasture Feed Intake

CERES TAG introduces a new approach to livestock management with Pasture Feed Intake (PFI), revolutionising how farmers optimise feed efficiency.

This cutting-edge feature enables estimation of individual animals' feed intake directly in the pasture, providing invaluable insights that lead to substantial productivity improvements.

Key Benefits:

  • Feed Intake Data

    The Pasture Feed Intake (PFI) functionality of CERES TAG allows for the estimation of how much pasture an individual animal consumes. This data is crucial for identifying variations in feed intake across a herd, enabling targeted management interventions.

  • Optimised Feed Utilisation

    By understanding the feed intake patterns, farmers can adjust their feeding strategies to ensure optimal nutrition for each animal, reducing waste and improving the overall efficiency of feed use.

  • Enhanced Animal Performance

    Insights from PFI data help identify high performers within a herd, guide breeding and selection decisions, and favour genetics that demonstrate efficient feed utilisation.

  • Cost Reduction

    Efficient feed use translates into lower feeding costs, as it minimises waste and ensures that resources are allocated where they generate the most value.

  • Sustainability Impact

    Beyond productivity, optimising feed efficiency contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint associated with livestock farming. Efficient feed utilisation leads to lower methane emissions per unit of livestock product, aligning with broader sustainability goals.

What does it measure?

  • Grazing

    To the nearest 30 seconds

  • Resting & Ruminating

    To the nearest minute

  • Walking

    To the nearest minute

  • Drinking & Unclassified Behaviour

    To the nearest minute

  • Dry Matter (Pasture) Intake

    An estimation of kilograms of pasture consumed

  • Methane Production

    An estimated calculation of grams emitted

Informed Decisions.

CERES TAG's Pasture Feed Intake functionality is a game-changer for livestock management. It enhances feed efficiency and animal performance and supports economic and environmental sustainability. By leveraging PFI data, farmers can make informed decisions that boost productivity while contributing to the sustainable future of agriculture.