• Warramba

    "We bought eight ears tags and attached them to our highland cows. We receive real-time data, tracking their movements via GPS and also their temperature. We also receives text message notifications if their movement slows or they exit the property. It also allows us to improve pasture by monitoring where the cows spend most of their time. We are one of the first properties to trail the tags and we are thrilled."

    -Edwina B & Neil V.

  • E-Beef Southern Gulf NRM

    "Earlier this week I finished fitting 150 CERES TAGs to extensive beef properties across the gulf. This was part of the E-Beef Project that is supporting graziers to adopt new and innovative technologies.
    Landholders are excited about the opportunity to track animals and monitor their health & activity on a daily basis."

    - John M.

  • 406 Ranch Owners

    406 Cattle Ranch

    "I am able to track the movement of my herd on a daily basis by simply logging into my Mapipedia account on my smart phone.  I can do this from anywhere I please and love to share this experience with my friends who often ask to see the latest movement patterns of my herd.  I especially like the feature that allows me to place the boundaries of the ranch onto the Mapipedia website. "

    - Joe S.

  • Macka's Angus

    "Integrating with our Aglive app, the CERES TAG platform offers opportunities to improve productivity and provide a richer range of information to guide decision-making. This innovative technology is essential in; monitoring biosecurity, health, welfare, performance, traceability & theft detection."

    - Robert M.

  • Dan & Georgia

    "I was looking for a solution to make the control mating an easier process in terms of mustering efficiencies. We spend alot of helicopter hours trying to get cattle together."

    - Dan S.

  • Identitas

    "We are gaining more experience with the tag and the technology every day. Introducing smart farming technologies into the livestock sector is an issue all over the world and also in Switzerland."

  • Giraffe with Ceres Tag

    Giraffe Conservation Foundation

    "We have been impressed so far and do hope that the initial results will continue as it has the potential to have significant value for our ongoing wildlife conservation efforts. As we support monitoring all four giraffe species across their range in Africa, including individuals translocated to new areas or other regions of political unrest, being able to track giraffe greatly aids the conservation management we can undertake."

    -Julian F.,PhD


  • Bunya Beef Grazing

    "What we're trying to do is grow good beef, and to look after our 3Ppastures. To get the best for your cattle and your grass, is to know where they are. Technology like CERES TAG helps us to really work with our cattle and land, because you can see what the cattle are doing all times. You can see when they're sitting around, when they should be up and going. CERES TAG helps us pick up information, like if our cattle are spending too much time in one paddock, which can prompt us to look at solutions like re-fencing the paddock so they use it more efficiently."

    - Jim & Jenny C.

  • University of Southern Queensland

    "Wildlife researchers and managers from around the world have been fitting satellite tags to hundreds of species of wildlife for decades, ranging in size from butterflies, to lions, to blue whales. A small, lightweight, and long-lasting ear tag really will revolutionise wildlife tagging capabilities, enabling users to explore wildlife behaviour and conservation in ways that are presently cost-prohibitive."

    - Ben A., PhD
    Senior Research Fellow (Wildlife Management)


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