Location Monitoring with CERES TAG

Unlock the potential of data-driven livestock management with CERES TAG's infrastructure-free location monitoring capabilities. Designed for modern farmers, ranchers and wildlife specialists, our system delivers insights into animal location and movement with direct to satellite ear tags – enhancing animal management and profitability.

Key Components of Location Monitoring

  • Location Data

    Continuous, remote monitoring of animal movements.

  • Geofencing

    Automated alerts for animals leaving designated areas.

Benefits of Location Monitoring

CERES TAG's location technology offers significant advantages for proactive herd management.

Enhanced Security

Detection of stray or lost animals reduces risk and potential losses.

Improved Grazing Management

Insights into animal movement patterns enable optimised pasture usage.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Streamlined monitoring saves time and resources, allowing for focused management efforts.

Click and Connect

Connect your CERES TAG with an integrated software partner to monitor the movement of your animals. Discover trends and gain valuable insights based on movement patterns, which can help you make more informed decisions on your property.

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