Solar-Powered Battery Life

CERES TAG uses a solar panel on the primary component coupled with a rechargeable battery to ensure years of operation. To further boost its operating life, a battery management algorithm works to conserve energy and battery life span while continuing to transmit data.

Common Battery & Charging Questions

  • What happens if the tag runs out of battery?

    While the battery management algorithms work to optimise power management of the tag, if it does not receive enough sunlight to continue functioning the tag will remain in hibernation until it harvests enough energy to reactivate and continue sending data packets.

  • Do I need to charge the tag before application?

    Due to global freight regulations CERES TAG sensors are not shipped fully charged. We recommend charging your tags in the sun prior to application.

    Activating Your Tags 
  • Can I store activated tags?

    CERES TAG products are designed to be activated and applied; they cannot 'turn off'. Once a sensor is activated it is constantly working to send a data packet and charge its battery. It is recommended to store the day in sunlight when not in use.

  • Do I need to keep redeployable tags charged?

    For CERES RANCH tags we recommend storing the tags in sunlight between uses to ensure optimal functionality. CERES TRACE & WILD tags are designed to remain on the animal for their life time and should be activated immediately prior to application. 

What happens if tags are Activated before being Charged?

If tags are activated before being charged sufficiently, it takes longer to reach optimal battery level as the tag is using energy to process and transmit data while it is charging.