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How does CERES TAG work?

CERES TAG is an all-in-one solution to monitor your animals via GPS tracking. The device transmits data directly to low earth orbit (LEO) satellites and is accessed through your existing farm management or animal management software.

How many tags are in a box?

CERES TRACE, CERES RANCH and CERES WILD all come in boxes of 5, 10 and 24.

Can I remove a CERES TAG?

CERES TRACE and CERES WILD have been designed for "one tag, one life" application and are not able to be removed nor reapplied to another animal to ensure traceability and reduce biosecurity and theft risks.

CERES RANCH includes all the features and benefits of a CERES TRACE Tag in a reusable casing. This is the only reusable product from CERES TAG.

Can I use a different applicator?

CERES TAG has been designed to only be applied with the CERES TAG Smart Applicator. Failure to use a CERES TAG Smart Applicator, will result in the tag not functioning as expected and will void the warranty.

You can activate a CERES TAG with the Activation Tool.

Watch How to Activate Tags

Where do I find instructions?

All instructions will be provided to you on receipt of purchase.

Watch Application Instructions Video for CERES TRACE & Wild

Do I have to tag every animal?

You don't need to tag every animal to get the insights you need! You can tag strategically and benchmark the herd or mob to receive location, behaviour, and welfare insights for all animals. We typically suggest tagging 10% of your animals and scaling this up as you need from there.

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Pasture Feed Intake

How often will I get Pasture Feed Intake data?

Along with up to 4 standard data packets, CERES TRACE and CERES RANCH tags will receive a daily summary packet with Pasture Feed Intake information. This can be viewed over a period of time to help identify trends of animal behaviour

What does ‘Unclassified’ mean in the activity summary?

Unclassified activity can involve irregular activity like running or any other activities that have not been able to be classified into regular activity like grazing, resting/ruminating and walking.

How does the tag know how much pasture has been eaten?

Pasture Intake is a calculation derived by the measure of time the animal has spent grazing. This calculation is a result of 15 years of research and development and thousands of hours of testing.

How accurate is the calculation of pasture intake?

The 15 years of research and thousands of hours of testing has proven the accuracy of grazing time reported to be over 95%. Note things like the environment, pasture type and breed may have an effect on accuracy of data.

How will this information benefit me?

Metrics will be able to be seen on both an individual animal level and at a herd level. This data can be viewed as a reflection of the last 24hrs and also a reflection of the previous week. When using the data to impact your business performance, Pasture Feed Intake data can help identify trends of animal behaviour over time.


What payment methods are accepted?

CERES TAG orders are paid in USD. The following payment methods are accepted:

American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard and ShopPay

What is the returns policy?

Due to biosecurity risks, CERES TAG does not accept returns. If you believe you have received a faulty product, please refer to our warranty policy or contact info@cerestag.com to talk to our team.

My CERES TAG order exceed my card limit, help!

Not to worry, please email info@cerestag.com and our friendly customer service team can assist you.

Satellite Connectivity

How long is the satellite connectivity?

CERES TRACE, CERES RANCH and CERES WILD products come with 3 years satellite connectivity.

What happens after 3 years?

CERES TAG comes with 3 years satellite connectivity based on the average lifespan of tagged animals and the coverage with our provider.

How do I view the data?

CERES TAG does not provide end user software but rather integrates with other software platforms. You can view software options on our software partner page here. After purchase of the tags you are required to link your chosen software to our system. Once linked the data automatically flows through to the software partner.

How many times per day does the tag transmit data?

CERES TRACE & CERES RANCH tags transmit up to 4 data packets per day and CERES WILD tags transmit up to 24 data packets per day. The animal alert data packets are in addition to this.

Shipping & Delivery

How long does it take to receive my order?

Please refer to the product page for the latest information regarding dispatch times.

Will I have to pay taxes and duties?

The costs associated with the delivery of your order will be calculated at the checkout as well as the relevant tax costs.

Our product & shipping fees are exclusive of Customs Duties. These Import Duties are unavoidable & are enforced by your country’s border protection laws.


What is a software partner and why do I need one?

When purchasing your CERES TAG sensors, as a part of setting up your account, you will be asked to select at least one software solution and verify your account. If you do not have an account with any of our software partners yet you can find a list of those available here.

Your tag data will then automatically be sent to your software account for you to view and analyse once CERES TAG sensors are applied to your animals.

If you are already using a software solution that is not in our list, please contact us.

I am using a software that's not on your list.

If you are using software that is 'in development' or not in our list, please contact us.

How much does the software cost?

The costs for each software varies. For the most accurate costs, please contact the software provider directly.

Find CERES TAG’s fully integrated Software Partners here.