Pasture Feed Intake

Following 15 years of research and development and thousands of hours of testings, Ceres Tag's Pasture Feed Intake (PFI) is available on Ceres Trace and Ceres Ranch tags now. Along with up to 4 standard data packets, Ceres Trace & Ceres Ranch tags will now receive and additional daily summary packet with Pasture Feed Intake information.

What does it measure?

With Pasture Feed Intake you'll see the below metrics on both an individual animal level and at a herd level. You can view this data as reflection of the last 24hrs and also a reflection of the previous week. When using the data to impact your business performance PFI data can help identify trends of animal behaviour over time.

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To the nearest 30 seconds

Resting & Ruminating

To the nearest minute.


To the nearest minute.

Drinking & Unclassified Behaviour

To the nearest minute.

Dry Matter (Pasture) Intake

A calculation is given in kilograms consumed.

Methane Production

A calculation is given in grams emitted.

  • Genetic Selection

    Identify which animals are most efficiently converting pasture to protein to improve genetic selection decisions.

  • Decision Making

    Use intake, grazing and walking metrics to inform when it time to move the animals.

  • Problem Detection

    An animal needs to be checked as its resting time has increased markedly while walking and grazing times have decreased.

  • Land Utilisation

    Combine grazing and ruminating data with GPS location to better understand grazing patterns.

  • Carbon Accounting

    Provide proof of animal grazing and methane output data to demonstrate improvements achieved through sustainable practices.

  • De-Forest Free

    Immutable proof of compliance with EU Deforest Free laws.


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