Advancing Climate Science Through Animal Monitoring

Understanding the relationships between ecosystems and climate dynamics is important in the battle against climate change.

Invaluable Insight.

CERES TAG provides data and insights valuable to climate scientists and conservationists.

By offering data on animal movements and activity, CERES TAG enables an understanding of climate impacts on biodiversity and vice versa, fostering effective strategies to mitigate climate change.

  • Monitoring Climate Impact on Wildlife

    CERES TAG’s globally-available tracking capabilities allow scientists to study how changing climate conditions affect animal migration patterns, habitat selection, and survival strategies. No infrastructure or additional hardware required.

  • Ecosystem Health and Resilience

    By monitoring animals that play pivotal roles in their ecosystems, CERES TAG provides insights into the health and resilience of these environments against climate stressors. Understanding these dynamics is essential for preserving ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration.

  • Facilitating Global Climate Research Collaboration

    CERES TAG’s open technology platform enables the sharing of critical data among international research teams, fostering global collaboration in climate science.

  • Supporting Climate-Resilient Conservation Strategies

    With insights provided by CERES TAG, conservationists can design wildlife management and habitat restoration projects that are robust against climate change, ensuring long-term sustainability of conservation efforts.