Regulatory Traceability and Reporting

CERES TAG provides a solution that bridges the gap between regulatory requirements and operational efficiency. Designed to enhance monitoring and management of livestock, wildlife, and agriculture, CERES TAG assists with the data necessary to report and show compliance with standards and expectations.

CERES TAG for Regulatory Bodies

  • Biosecurity and Sustainability Monitoring

    CERES TAG offers automated and globally available data collection on livestock and wildlife, to enable monitoring of animal welfare, environmental protection, and biosecurity measures more effectively.

  • Streamlined Reporting Processes

    CERES TAG simplifies the reporting process for operators, by providing automated data capture and communication. This reduces the administrative red tape while making compliance easier and more transparent.

  • Improved Traceability and Safety

    In the context of food safety and biosecurity, CERES TAG enhances traceability from farm to table. This capability is crucial for managing disease outbreaks, and ensuring the provenance and integrity of the food supply chain.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Protection

    By facilitating better management of natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of agricultural and conservation practices, CERES TAG aids regulatory bodies in enforcing sustainability standards. This includes monitoring carbon footprints, managing water resources, and protecting biodiversity.

  • Adaptability to Regulatory Changes

    As regulations evolve to address new challenges and scientific discoveries, CERES TAG’s flexible platform can adapt to meet changing data reporting and monitoring requirements, ensuring continuous compliance.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

    The wealth of data provided by CERES TAG supports evidence-based policy making. This data can highlight trends and issues, ensuring relevant and impactful change as the industry moves forward.