Activity Alerts



Mortality Alerts

The Ceres Tag Mortality alert is triggered if no activity has been observed on the tag for a period of 60 minutes. Once triggered it will continue to send alerts every 12 hours. This alert is in addition to the regular data packets sent throughout the day.


High Activity Alerts

The Ceres Tag high activity alert is triggered if the animal's average activity levels over a 10-minute period greatly exceed their average activity relative to previous 6-days. Once triggered it will continue to send this alert every 10 minutes, however this will stop automatically after 6 hours even if the behaviour continues. This alert is in addition to the regular data packets. 

How do I get alerts?

Ceres Tag alerts come with every tag. The alerts are sent by your chosen software provider. You can opt to receive alerts by email, SMS or WhatsApp depending on the software you select. You must set up alerts within the software after purchase. 


Can I turn alerts off?

As core functionality, alerts are preconfigured on devices by default, but notifications can be configured via the software solution. 

You can set up how often and the method by which you receive these alerts with your software partner. 


Can I get access to the raw accelerometer data?

This is not available as Ceres Tag is restricted by the amount of data it can send via satellite in one transmission. The aggregated data has been designed to conserve the battery and fully utilise the machine learning while sending up to 4 data packets per day. Some software options will allow you to export your data packets to csv. 

Ceres Tag is continually striving to innovate and improve our products. Feel free to email us at to share your ideas/thoughts/needs on data requirements.