Supporting Biodiversity with CERES TAG

CERES TAG delivers unparalleled animal monitoring capabilities, driving significant advancements in biodiversity conservation.

By providing automated collection data on wildlife movements, health, and behaviour, CERES TAG empowers conservationists to make informed decisions that protect and enhance ecosystem diversity.

Tracking for Natural Capital Conservation

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Track wildlife in their natural habitats, gathering vital data on movement patterns and population dynamics without intrusive methods.

  • Data-Driven Conservation

    Utilise detailed analytics to guide conservation strategies, habitat preservation efforts, and targeted interventions for at-risk species.

  • Enhanced Research Opportunities

    Support scientific research with precise, continuous data, contributing to a deeper understanding of ecological interactions and biodiversity.

  • Informed Habitat Restoration

    Apply CERES TAG data to restore habitats more effectively, ensuring they meet the specific needs of diverse species and contribute to the overall health of ecosystems.

Impact on Biodiversity

CERES TAG is not just a tool for monitoring; it's a catalyst for change.

  • Queensland Trust for Nature

    Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN) uses CERES TAG to monitor both livestock and wildlife movements through their property.

  • Giraffe Conservation Foundation

    "As we support monitoring all four giraffe species across their range in Africa, including individuals translocated to new areas or other regions of political unrest, being able to track giraffe greatly aids the conservation management we can undertake."

    — Julian F.,PhD, Director

  • Smithsonian Bison Rewilding

    CERES TAG provides the insights via direct to satellite sensors for understanding the bison with Smithsonian Institute at American Prairie.