Drive Sustainability Through ESG & Compliance Transparency

CERES TAG offers a new approach to achieving sustainability goals and adhering to ESG criteria and compliance standards in agriculture.

By providing automated, continuous data on livestock, CERES TAG empowers organisations to make informed decisions that align with environmental, social, and governance benchmarks.

Environmental Stewardship

CERES TAG drives environmental sustainability through:

  • Efficient Resource Management

    Data and insights help to optimise the use of natural resources, reducing the environmental impact of farming operations.

  • Biodiversity Conservation

    Globally available communications facilitate wildlife monitoring and protection, contributing to ecological balance.

  • Emissions Monitoring

    On-device algorithms aid in tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly methane, from livestock.

Social Responsibility

CERES TAG enhances social well-being through:

  • Improving Animal Welfare

    Ensures high standards of animal health and ethical treatment through continuous monitoring of movement and behaviour.

  • Promoting Community Engagement

    Enabling better animal welfare management, health and behaviour, which contributes to sustainable farming practices.

Governance & Compliance

CERES TAG strengthens governance by:

  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

    Simplifies adherence to environmental and animal welfare regulations, offering verifiable data for reporting.

  • Facilitating Risk Management

    Helps identify and mitigate potential ESG risks, enhancing operational transparency and accountability.