Transforming Small and Absentee Livestock Operations

CERES TAG offers solutions for small livestock operators, driving efficiency and sustainability in remote farm management with low cost, infrastructure-free, GPS-enabled tags.

CERES TAG benefits small-scale operations and absentee farmers or ranchers with direct to satellite, automated remote monitoring of their animals.

  • Increased Productivity

    By automatically and remotely monitoring animal behaviour, CERES TAG helps identify patterns that can inform better breeding, feeding, and management practices, optimising livestock productivity.

  • Enhanced Pasture Management

    Utilise CERES TAG data to improve grazing strategies, ensuring sustainable pasture utilisation and preventing overgrazing. This leads to healthier lands and more productive animals.

  • Simplified Record Keeping

    Automatically record and access detailed information about each animal, from health history to genetic data, simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing traceability.

  • Cost-Effective Technology

    Designed with small operations in mind, CERES TAG offers an affordable entry point to precision livestock farming, allowing operators to achieve higher efficiency without any other infrastructure requirements.

  • Community and Sustainability Benefits

    By improving the sustainability of livestock practices, CERES TAG helps small operations contribute to broader environmental goals, including reduced carbon footprint and enhanced local biodiversity.