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CERES WILD Advanced Activity

CERES WILD Advanced Activity

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CERES WILD is a smart ear tag with direct to satellite capability, allowing you to monitor your animals anytime, anywhere with no towers or infrastructure required. With up to 24 data packets per day, receive insights and alerts including unusual behaviour, mortality and geofence boundary alerts, GPS location and movement monitoring insights. 

CERES TRACE and CERES WILD have been designed for "one tag, one life" application and are not able to be removed nor reapplied to another animal to ensure traceability and reduce biosecurity and theft risks.

CERES WILD now includes Advanced Activity metrics. CERES WILD activity monitoring is an algorithm that has been developed by sampling the pattern of behaviour of cattle, this is then expressed on a scale of 1-63 with 1 meaning low activity and 63 meaning extremely high. With each data point you receive you will receive a value of 1 – 63 which represents the activity of that animal. Fast moving animals will have results that are expressed on the higher end of the scale while slower animals will sit on the lower end. 

Shop CERES WILD, available in boxes of 5, 10 and 24 tags. 

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36mm x 62mm x 37mm (W x L x D)

Weight: 35 grams

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CERES WILD is the world’s first animal monitoring information platform with direct to satellite capability through a proprietary smart ear tag. CERES WILD uses data collection and on-tag analytics to provide animal-specific geospatial location data in addition to movement and animal health monitoring. Integrating with your choice of software partner platforms, the CERES TAG platform offers opportunities to improve productivity across the livestock industry and provide a richer range of information to guide effective decision making.

CERES WILD tags must be applied with the Smart Applicator to activate the tag.


CERES WILD integrates with EarthRanger and Mapipedia allowing you to choose the best for your needs.

If you are not familiar with software and would like some guidance on where to start get in contact with our team at


Do I have to tag every animal?

You don't need to tag every animalto get the insights you need! You can tag strategically and benchmark the herd or mobto receive location, behaviour, and welfare insights for all animals.

Can I remove a CERES WILD tag?

CERES WILD and CERES TRACE have been designed for "one tag, one life" application and are not able to be removed nor reapplied to another animal.

CERES RANCH includes all the features and benefits of a CERES TRACE Tag in a reusable casing. This is the only reusable product from CERES TAG.

Can I use a different applicator?

CERES TRACE and CERES WILD has been designed to only be applied with the CERES TAG Smart Applicator
Failure to use a Smart Applicator, will result in the tag not functioning as expected and will void the warranty.

Watch How to Activate Your Tags

What happens after 3 years?

CERES TAG comes with 3 years satellite connectivity based on the average lifespan of tagged animals. If at the 2.5 year mark you have CERES TAG on an animal that you wish to retain, you can purchase a satellite extension package. Please contact us for details at

How do I view the data?

CERES TAG does not provide end user software but rather integrates with other software tools. Currently, CERES WILD integrates with Mapipedia and EarthRanger.

You can view software options on our software partner page here.

  • Macka's Angus

    "Integrating with our Aglive app, the CERES TAG platform offers opportunities to improve productivity and provide a richer range of information to guide descision-making. This innovative technology is essential in; monitoring biosecurity, health, welfare, performance, traceability & theft detection."

    - Robert M.

  • Giraffe with Ceres Tag

    Giraffe Conservation Foundation

    "We have been impressed so far and do hope that the initial results will continue as it has the potential to have significant value for our ongoing wildlife conservation efforts. As we support monitoring all four giraffe species across their range in Africa, including individuals translocated to new areas or other regions of political unrest, being able to track giraffe greatly aids the conservation management we can undertake."

    -Julian F., PhD


  • 406 Ranch Owners

    406 Cattle Ranch

    "I am able to track the movement of my herd on a daily basis by simply logging into my Mapipedia account on my smart phone.  I can do this from anywhere I please and love to share this experience with my friends who ask to see the latest movement patterns of my herd.  I especially like the feature that allows me to place the boundaries of the ranch onto the Mapipedia website. "

    - Joe S.

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