Solar-Powered Battery Life

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Ceres Tag uses solar energy (powered by the solar panel on the primary component) and is managed by a battery algorithm. This algorithm works to conserve energy and battery life span while continuing to transmit data.

All Ceres Tag products have a mechanism to indicate charging prior to activating the tags. Place the Tag in the sun and when charging commences a blue LED with begin to flash slowly. Once the tag has reached a optimal battery percentage the Blue light will begin to flash quickly. 


What happens if the tag runs out of battery?

If the tag does not receive enough sunlight to continue functioning it will remain in hibernation until it receives enough energy to reactivate and continue sending data packets.


Do I need to charge the tag before application?

Due to global freight regulations Ceres Tags are shipped with less than 30% battery percentage. We recommend charging your tags in the sun for a few days prior to application.

Fully charge tags until the blue LED flashes in quick succession in direct sunlight (this may be longer for cold climates or areas without direct sunlight).


Can I activate my tags and then store them for a period before use on an animal? 

Ceres Tag products are designed to be activated and applied, they can not 'turn off'. Once a tag is activated it is constantly working to send a data packet and charge it's battery - if the tag is taken out of sunlight and 'stored' for an extended period of time the tag may not return to optimal functionality. For Ceres Ranch tags we recommend storing the tags in sunlight between uses to ensure optimal functionality. Ceres Trace & Wild is designed to remain on the animal for its life time and should be activated immediately prior to application. 


What happens if tags are Activated before being Charged?

If tags are activated before being charged sufficiently, it takes longer to reach optimal battery level as the tag is using energy to process and transmit data and reach optimal battery percentage at the same time.


Activating Tags before Optimal Battery Charge - Why it's Important to charge for up to 7 Days

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