Collection: CERES TRACE

CERES TRACE is a cutting-edge smart ear tag equipped with direct-to-satellite technology, enabling remote animal monitoring without the need for towers or infrastructure.

Providing valuable insights and alerts, CERES TRACE detects unusual behavior, mortality, geofence boundary breaches, and GPS activity patterns with up to 4 data packets sent daily. Gather detailed information on animals' pasture activities, including walking, grazing, ruminating, resting, drinking, and more, measured down to the nearest 30 seconds.

Additionally, CERES TRACE calculates pasture intake in kilograms and methane output in grams, presenting data on both individual and herd levels identifying long-term behavioral trends.

CERES TRACE, along with CERES WILD, operates on a "one tag, one life" principle, ensuring traceability and reducing biosecurity and theft risks by being irremovable and non-transferable between animals.