Collection: CERES RANCH

Introducing CERES RANCH, a revolutionary on-property management tool that encapsulates all the functionalities of the original CERES TRACE sensor within a reusable casing.

Using CERES RANCH Pins and Tethers, this innovative solution allows for comprehensive animal monitoring through direct-to-satellite capability without the need for network setup or infrastructure.

With the flexibility to monitor animals anywhere via a device of your choice, CERES RANCH delivers up to 4 data packets per day, providing valuable insights and alerts on animal behavior, location, out-of-boundary alerts, and activity patterns.

CERES RANCH distinguishes itself with its reusable nature, enabling users to maximize their investment. The daily Pasture Feed Intake summary packet offers detailed information on various activities, including walking, grazing, ruminating, resting, drinking, and more, with precise measurements. This data can be analyzed at both individual and herd levels empowering producers to identify long-term behavioral trends and enhance decision-making processes.