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Ceres Ranch

CERES RANCH Applicator Pack

CERES RANCH Applicator Pack

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Purchased a CERES RANCH sensor and looking to activate and apply with our CERES RANCH Pin and Tethers? The Applicator pack has everything you need to get started on your journey.

The applicator pack includes a no fuss, traditional applicator designed to apply single pin tags like the CERES RANCH Pin & Tether. With a spring lever design this applicator will get the work done.

The inclusion of a universal cutter is to ensure your ease in removing Ceres Ranch Tethers and get back to viewing insights to inform your decision making.

The final inclusion in the applicator pack is the activation tool. The CERES Tag Activation Tool can be used to activate all Ceres Tag devices. Designed to look like a CERES Tag this tool can be used to activate Ceres Ranch tags prior to application or CERES TRACE or WILD products instead of the Smart applicator. 


  • Activation Tool
  • Ceres Ranch Applicator
  • Universal Cutter

 Please note pins and tethers must be purchased separately.

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