Ceres Tag for Wildlife Animals

Direct to Satellite, Round the clock Monitoring.

Wildlife researchers and conservationists across the globe are reaping the benefits of CERES TAG's low cost, light weight & durable animal monitoring system.

  • Giraffe with Ceres Tag

    Giraffe Conservation Foundation

    "We have been impressed so far and do hope that the initial results will continue as it has the potential to have significant value for our ongoing wildlife conservation efforts. As we support monitoring all four giraffe species across their range in Africa, including individuals translocated to new areas or other regions of political unrest, being able to track giraffe greatly aids the conservation management we can undertake."

    -Julian F.,PhD


  • University of Southern Queensland

    "Wildlife researchers and managers from around the world have been fitting satellite tags to hundreds of species of wildlife for decades, ranging in size from butterflies, to lions, to blue whales. A small, lightweight, and long-lasting ear tag really will revolutionise wildlife tagging capabilities, enabling users to explore wildlife behaviour and conservation in ways that are presently cost-prohibitive."

    - Ben A., PhD
    Senior Research Fellow (Wildlife Management)