Ceres Tag Announces Partnership with Animal Health Express

Ceres Tag, the creator of the world’s first direct-to-satellite animal monitoring platform, is excited to announce a ground-breaking distribution agreement with Animal Health Express, USA’s leading distributor of animal health products for livestock, horse and pet owners.

The deal is a first in the region for Ceres Tag, opening access to new markets across the United States. Alongside Animal Health Express’s deep knowledge of the region and its producers, Ceres Tag will further cement itself as a global leader in animal-specific geospatial, welfare and intake data via its proprietary smart ear tag technology.

Ceres Tag offers a world class platform for livestock, equine, and endangered species monitoring. The technology delivers critical feed efficiency and methane emissions data alongside animal movement and health markers, enabling farmers to make informed decisions for enhanced productivity.

Ceres Tag CEO David Smith:

“We're thrilled to team up with Animal Health Express as our first distributor in the US! Our journey here has been fueled by the incredible insights from our 24/7 automated system. It's all about livestock sustainability—improving performance, welfare, efficiency, and even emissions. Not only is Ceres Tag for livestock, but also for wildlife like Bison! Teaming up with Animal Health Express means making this game-changing tech easily accessible to everyone in the USA."

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