Carr's Billington Discusses the Future of Sustainable Food Chains

Ceres Tag UK & Ireland distributor Carr's Billington recently wrote about our technology's impact on agriculture and how products like Ceres Ranch with Pasture Feed Intake can assist parties throughout the food supply chain.

"Carr's Billington Agriculture stands as a prominent UK Agricultural supply business, offering a comprehensive range of Feed, Retail, Machinery, and fuel – essentially, all the essential products that UK livestock farmers need. What sets us apart is our affiliation with The Billington Group, a UK-based family-owned business deeply involved in both agriculture and food supply. This unique positioning places us at the intersection of the food chain, addressing needs from inputs to outputs.

"Major food companies are increasingly mindful of their Scope 3 obligations, and given that a significant portion of these obligations emanates from the farm, we recognised the need for a solution that benefits both our customers, adds value to our sister company and will be hugely beneficial for Retail businesses to demonstrate their sustainability commitments – the farmers' Scope 1 aligns with the food sectors Scope 3.

"Our research pinpointed a critical data gap: the absence of a reliable and straightforward forage intake monitor to assess an animal's actual daily intake. This insight could unlock greater efficiencies for our customers in grassland utilisation and contribute to long-term breeding and genetic selection strategies. Since our UK & ROI launch in November 2023, the response from research establishments and retailers has been remarkable, translating into positive sales, which at an early stage shows significant potential.

"Ceres Tag boasts a multitude of features powered by GPS and accelerometer technology. The most unconventional request so far has been to measure the intake of willow in a Silvopasture and track the animals' movement.

"Ceres Tag has undeniably sparked curiosity, positioning itself as the 'FitBit for livestock' – a must-have fashion accessory for 2024 & 25. As our customers begin reaping the benefits of the generated data, we anticipate a continuous surge in demand. With a target of 2,500 units this year and a projection to double growth annually for the next five years, we aim to approach 100,000 units by 2030. Continuous technological advancements will be a hallmark, ensuring the Ceres Tag technology remains responsive to the evolving needs of the livestock world across various markets."

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